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My son John Philip was diagnosed to have Cerebral Palsy with Epileptic Seizures. At age 2, after an epileptic attack, his left side weakened and lost sensation (“nawalan ng pakiramdam”). I brought my child to a medical center for physical therapy but there was no improvement after several months. John Philip had no appetite, very minimal physical movement and did not show any emotions like crying, smiling or laughing even if you tickle him. A neighbor introduced Quantumin Plus and my son had amazing improvement in just few weeks! Today he can now move his body from lying position to sitting position and he can crawl on his own. He can now move and raise his left arm and hold toys. He can now cry, smile, laugh when you play with him. He can now watch TV, speak some words and his appetite has improved remarkably contributing to his growth and weight gain. Thank you very much to Quantumin Plus that my child’s health has improved tremendously. I also thank Dr. Delia Maceda-Patawaran for formulating the product, and ate Marina for introducing Quantumin plus to me. God bless and more success!




Cerebral palsy is an abnormality of motor function (as opposed to mental function) and postural tone that is acquired at an early age. This abnormality in the motor system which provides the ability to move and control movements is the result of brain lesions that are non-progressive. "Non-progressive" means that the lesion does not produce ongoing degeneration of the brain and is the result of a one-time brain injury, that will not occur again.


There are several types of Cerebral Palsy and John Phillip has the hypotonic type characterized by diminished muscle tone. Prior to Quantumin Plus, He appeared floppy like a rag doll. He has inability to gain any head control when pulled by the arms to a sitting position and cannot sit without any support. He cannot even hold any toy in his hand. He had no affect or never showed any emotions even when tickled or played with. Children with severe hypotonias have the most difficulty of all children with cerebral palsy in attaining motor skill milestones and normal cognitive development. No definite medicine can be prescribed in these cases and only supportive ma-nagement is commonly used with these kids.


With the improvement John Philip had with his motor skills, Quantumin Plus could have contributed by detoxifying whatever chemicals contributed to the abnormal development of the brain. The stabilized oxygen that accompanies the formulation of Quantumin could have hastened also the detox and healing process manifested by the amazing progress in John Phillip’s motor skills. If the fulvic substance in Quantumin which is known to produce regeneration can recover the mental function of our patient is something we still have to see in the future. A close follow-up of this patient’s progress with continuous intake of Quantumin is in order because this may in the future prove to be a new hope for cerebral palsy patients. Even if we do not fully recover the motor/mental function of cerebral palsy patients, the improvement in motor skills alone is already a big sign of relief to the emotional burden that parents experience when they see their helpless child!




Quezon City




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In QDYNAMICS, I am well-known as "PATAY NA BUHAY" which means I was dead and came back to life because of Quantumin Plus. My story began last May 29, 2008 while I was attending a Motivational Training held in UP Los Banos, Laguna. During the activity called 'Money Game' I tripped and had a bad fall with the back of my head slamming against the floor. I lost consciousness and when I woke up after a few minutes, they wanted to take me to hospital but I refused. The following day even if I had fever, I still attended the activity but after lunch I had tremors, severe vomiting and collapsed again.


When I woke up, I was already in UP Los Banos General Hospital. A series of tests including MRI confirmed that I had 1.5 inch crack in the skull and internal hemorrhage that needed immediate operation worth Php 350,000! I did not have money at that time as I was only earning from the nerve therapy I do and my husband only gets allowance from his company so we went home against medical advice.


After a month (July 2008), I went back to my doctor to inquire about alternative to surgery and he advised us repeated aspiration of blood clot and medications that will melt the clot.


Unfortunately, we still can't afford it so we went home. My condition worsened over the next few weeks that at times I had episodes of total blindness and seizures. My husband and relatives cannot do anything but pray every time they seem suffer. The next few weeks even worsened and on August 28, 2008 because of severe convulsions, I was brought to a provincial hospital. However, after a few hours we were sent home because the doctors said there's nothing they can do to help if surgery cannot be done. Back at our house, they waited and prepared for my inevitable death.


On August 29,2008, I had severe convulsions about every five minutes, my whole body was cold, I had shallow breathing so my relatives and neighbors prepared for my death. They called the funeral parlor, prepared my dress for my burial, prepared the place where the coffin would be placed and a place to do "saklaan" for my family to raise funds for my burial. After they prayed over on me, my friend Oliver arrived with the Quantumin Plus. My son squirted the contents into my mouth and applied it to my whole body, my head, my nose and eyes. After 20 seconds I vomited blood and this alarmed sir Oliver that he referred my case to Dr. Patawaran. The doctor said [that I] continue putting 20 drops every 5 minutes and continue putting into the eyes, nose and ears. After thirty minutes, I had another bloody vomiting and gradually, to my relatives' amazement, I regained back my color then my consciousness. I felt so thirsty so I asked for water and everyone cried thanking God that I was back to life. Since then I started recovering especially when Dr. Patawaran gave me additional supplements aside from Quantumin Plus.


Last February 2009, I had a follow up with my doctor and the series of tests done showed that my blood clot is gone but the skull crack is still evident. I thank God and Dr. Delia for formulating a product that helped me and a lot more sick patients who are on the brink of hopelessness. I also thank my friend Sir Oliver Esguerra for exerting all efforts to bring Quantumin Plus to me even at early dawn.




Intracranial bleeding after traumatic brain injury is in most cases fatal. Who survives from this condition is dependent on a lot of factors like interval from accident to operation, the amount of bleeding, the area involved, etc. . In the absence of enough financial capability, patients succumb to death eventually. For those who can afford surgery, no guarantees can also be made about recovery and good quality of life after the operation. The use of Quantumin Plus in cases of intracranial bleeding is not one of the options in conventional medicine but the recovery that happened to Virgie and other intracranial bleeding cases where Quantumin Plus was used speaks well of a possible alternative option for those who cannot afford surgery and a cost-effective additional modality for faster recovery for those who went through surgery. We are not saying that all intracranial bleeding will have the same response as Virgie's because we still stand firm that God's hand is just using Quantumin plus as an instrument for "miracles" to happen to those who believe in Him and His "miracles" and only God decides who will receive the "miracles"!



45 years old,

from Imus, Cavite


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